Monday, July 1, 2013

This Is Me

For anyone who is interested in who I am, I am Jessie Sullivan.
I am a directioner, ask me anything about One Direction and I'll answer it correctly.
My best friend lives halfway across the world, her name is Elle. I tell her everything, and she tells me everything. I have friends here, but they're not best friends.
I am a awkward, shy, and outgoing teenager.
I speak english and spanish, but I can read in french and italian.
At night, sometimes I see a shadow in my room, which dissapears a second after I see it, never letting me see his or her face. It may be my imagination, it may not.
I have a girl crush on Perrie Edwards, from Little Mix. My celebrity crush is Harry Styles, from One Direction.
I love to sing, and can dance decently. I'm flexible, fast and kinda strong. I'm not tall or short; what you would say "she looks anorexic", but I'm not. I eat quite a lot, actually. I can cook, and I'm going to be a therapist (I think) when I'm old enough.

Until later! Ask anything, and I'll answer<3

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